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“Since the first years of my life I have dreamed of boundless open spaces in which to live together with my horses. Yes, horses. These animals, majestic and powerful, have always fascinated me. And since I was a child I spent hours observing them trying to understand their language, made up of simple but well-understood gestures. A language that subsequently inspired my ethical approach to them. I chose a land that did not betray my Barbagia origins. Gallura has become my home precisely because it preserves, in its hinterland, a territory of immense beauty, still wild. Everything to discover! And I chose this valley because I strongly wanted that childhood dream to come true. The dream was to be able to see my horses living peacefully free, as nature teaches us. And today I can say that I succeeded. My dream, my home, is now your Ranch in Costa Smeralda!

Giuseppe – Riding instructor, creator and founder of a dream come true

“My most beautiful childhood memories are closely linked to the farming world and horses. My summers were spent in my paternal grandmother’s pen. Thanks to her I was able to discover the magic of the seed that is born and becomes a fruit to be harvested. I was able to learn that the earth has so much to offer us if we only learn to take care of it. At the age of five, for the first time, I asked my mother if I could ride a horse. I have always felt a strong appeal to these animals, as big as they are docile and understanding. And this little girl’s love has never left me. The Universe then made me meet Joseph, who believed in me. And together we carry on his dream, now shared. A dream in which we believe and which we take care of with passion. For me La Prugnola is that place where time seems to stop. That place where the world looks, at least once, to clean itself from the frenzy of life. It is a simple and maternal place that smells of freedom, ancient wisdom, mutual respect and dignity.”

 Stefania – Promotion and Sales

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